FAQ | 富士登山の休憩・ご宿泊なら。富士山八合目山小屋 「白雲荘」



Fuji of the hut, is it true to sleep in the staggered head and feet at the time of congestion?

No,it isn’t.
At the time of congestion,it has become a space of up to 2 people in one ”tatami mat”.

Is there a Dressing room?

There is a narrow female dressing room.Please use it with care.

Is there wash-stand, bath and shower?

No it isn’t.
Because Mt.Fuji does not have a water supply. We can not offer free-drink.

Is toilet clean ?

Yes it is. It has become a new toilet that was renovation.

Do you sell cigarettes ?

No we don’t.
Please buy in advance.
Electronic lighter is difficult to ignite.flint lighters or matches you can use.
Please use the portable ashtray when you smoke a cigarette.

Do you sell alcohol drinks?

Yes we do. beer and sake. I’m sorry if sold out.

What time is the Sunrise?

“Early July is 4:30AM” “Late July is 4:40AM” “Early August is 4:50AM” “Late August is 5:00AM” “Early September is 5:15AM”

Where is stay-fee pay out?

Please pay in hut.(Transfer with respect to cancellation fee.)

Can I pay with credit card?

You can pay the VISA · JCB · MASTER card. (Not communicate in the bad weather,it does not use.)

Please tell us about altitude sickness.

Nausea and dizziness , will occur symptoms such as headache.
If they are severe , it is better that you climb doun to give up the ascent.It cure if climb down to altitude of low location.
[Prevention method]
(1)Before you start climbing , to rest for about an hour in Mt.Fuji 5th station.
(2)Take a break.
(3)Climb slowly.